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Website Terms and Conditions

Whilst our website solution can be hosted on any compatible server environment, we recommend our own hosting solution provided by Tagadab, part of the Claranet Group.


If you select to host your website with our solution, we will undertake the following:


Your website will be hosted on the most cost effective server based upon the demand and traffic using the website. This will provide the minimum of performance delay in providing the website pages to the visitor. If required we will perform the necessary server and we will inform you of the cost involved before undertaking any work.

Data Centre

All servers are managed by Tagadab in their London Docklands data centre. This includes the following features:


Power (Mains and Emergency)

  • Minimum N+1 redundancy on power supply
  • Mains power supplied via 2 * 132KV incomers
  • Diverse A&B supply, distributed via 11KV ring main units
  • 3.1 MW of power per floor per plate
  • Power/cooling systems supported by up to 33 no-break Rotary Diesel UPS sets
  • On-site Diesel tanks support 50 hours at full capacity with 8 hour, 24*7 fuel delivery callout contract in place.

Controlled Environment

  • Minimum N+1 resilience on chilled water cooling system
  • Temperature in technical space maintained at 22 (+/-2) Degrees C
  • Humidity range of 50% (+/- 10%) in technical areas
  • Diverse chilled water distribution pipe work (ring main type) throughout facility.

Fire Detection and Suppression

  • Analogue addressable fire detection system in all areas (smoke and heat) with manual break-glass units.
  • Very early smoke detection and alarm system (VESDA) in the return air-flow of CCUs
  • Gas suppression system using centrally stored Inergen
  • Smoke and gas extraction


  • Premises controllers manage facility security 24x7
  • Access control using proximity card readers
  • Intruder alarms to all areas with external infra-red barrier
  • Multiple CCTV cameras (interior and exterior)
  • Secure managed delivery and loading area

Back Up

We use a system called CDP or, Continuous Data Protection, which backs up the entire server on a block level. A storage device tracks changes made to disk blocks and each subsequent backup only copies the changed blocks.

If a restore is required, all previous backups are merged to produce a whole image of the system at that time. We can then perform a bare metal restore of the entire system to a new server or just restore individual files and folders where needed. Backups are performed on a per disk basis.

The backup data is stored on a SAN RAID 6 array, which can cope with two concurrent disk failures without losing data.

Basic Backup costs a one-off set up fee of £150 (ex-VAT) per website. We then invoice for the storage of data depending on how much storage you actually use. This is charged at £1 per GB per month for the first 20GB, and £0.50p per GB per month thereafter.

Exact costs will depend on how much data you have, how often data changes, and how many backup points you decide to keep. We can take backups at intervals of up to once every minute, and keep as many backup points as you like. A common schedule is to take a daily backup and hold these for seven days, meaning in the event of a failure your server could be restored to any point in the previous week.

There is also an Advanced Backup service available (setup fee £250.00) which includes backups of live MySQL databases and granular restores. The standard client will backup the MySQL files, but as the database will be running there is no guarantee that any backup will be consistent. The Advanced Backup connects directly to the database to perform the dedicated backup and provides consistent restores. It also gives you the ability to restore individual MySQL tables to a running database.

Hosting Costs

We will invoice for the website hosting in quarterly periods, based upon 3 months in advance. The costs are listed below:


Website Type

Virtual or Dedicated Server

Cost per Quarter

Basic brochure website including VCMS

Virtual Server

£45 per 3 months

E-commerce website including VCMS

Virtual Server

£60 per 3 months


Technical Support

For technical support queries, please come direct to Vertebrate Graphics. This service is provided on a per enquiry basis, where we will charge per enquiry, with an additional charge for site visits. Support is charged at £60 per hour, or part thereof. For customers who require a high degree of technical support we recommend an annual fee to cover all work.

Where support is needed for services we do not host, this support is charged at a similar rate, but please be advised that repairs may take longer as we are not always familiar with other systems. Technical support includes a range of services including software and hardware updates, training, fault fixing and set up.

Hosting Costs

On establishing a website for a client we typically offer to configure the client’s computer to receive the newly created Email account. We can configure most Email client programs (e.g. Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird) without issue. Where clients are using an existing internet connection, be it dial-up or broadband it may be necessary to establish an additional service to allow outgoing mail services – this costs £5 per month.

To transfer domain names and register domain names we reserve the right to charge £80, plus any additional charges which may occur as part of the service.

To cancel any service with ourselves we require 60 days notice.

Website amendments.

Any bug fixing and corrections are free of charge for the first thirty days after site launch. Additional amendments, updates and registering are charged at £80 per hour. Out of hours fixes are subject to an additional surcharge depending on the nature of the update. Where possible all amends are carried out within seven working days of being requested.

Vertebrate Graphics take all reasonable care to protect client’s data. Sensitive data is encrypted before it is stored and, wherever necessary, transferred over the internet using an encrypted Secure Socket Layer. However, all information is vulnerable if essential access information is made available to potential security threats. IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT ANY PASSWORDS AND LOGIN INFORMATION GIVEN TO THE CLIENT IS KEPT SECRET.

Vertebrate Graphics can take no responsibility for any data compromised or the consequences thereof where the client fails to take adequate care of access information.

Modern data storage technology means that catastrophic hardware failures are very rare but they do happen. Vertebrate Graphics keep file copies of all static web information (e.g. .html pages, .php pages etc) which allows relatively simple re-instatement of damaged web sites.  However the constantly-changing nature of dynamically collected data means that Vertebrate Graphics cannot undertake to preserve database information unless specifically requested to do so. Downloading and storing of database contents costs from £40 per time – we can perform this task on a weekly or monthly basis if needs be.

Despite press fears, online fraud is relatively rare. However, where credit card transactions are carried out online, Vertebrate Graphics cannot be held responsible for fraudulent transactions.

A monthly or annual fee can be charged to cover all updates. Vertebrate Graphics reserve the right to re-negotiate the fee at any point, or to decline any updates that they feel are beyond the remit of the arrangement.



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