Hello, we’re Vertebrate Graphics.

Sheffield Graphic Design and Web Design

Founded in 1994, Vertebrate Graphics (VG) has matured from small shoots into a well established design agency with a small team of highly motivated and experienced employees, at the top of their profession.

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Early clients included Rab, Feet First and – most notably – Adidas, who commissioned VG to launch their adventure footwear range in the UK. This, in addition to our considerable expertise in the outdoor leisure market, has seen VG grow over the years into one of the UK's leading agencies specialising in the outdoor market.

With further prestigious work for clients such as Jagged Globe, the British Mountaineering Council, the Outdoor Industries Association, BBC Radio Four and Jennic, the company continues to focus on its core graphic design skills, and increasingly on e-commerce and php-driven websites. 


Today, VG is made up of three distinct divisions:

With over 18 years' experience at its core, our Graphic Design team is made up of highly experienced designers, producing work for national accounts such as Rab, The National Trust and the NSPC. Their expertise is centred on advertising campaigns, brand development, corporate literature and book design and production, with key client books occupying the top of several best-seller lists.

Our Web Development team has a proven track record of delivering results for our wide client base. With a highly experienced team of creatives and developers, we strive to exceed client requirements and deliver something that is a little bit special. Working with open source technologies and our own bespoke vCMS (Vertebrate Content Management System), we have created a platform which is not only future facing and intuitive but is supported by a team immersed in design and emerging technologies.


Our Publishing team is both a national and international success story. Since releasing our first title Dark Peak Mountain Biking to critical acclaim in 2004, we have grown to become the leading publisher of mountain biking guidebooks and climbing biographies in the UK. We are now the fourth largest publisher, by sales, of cycling books in the UK, behind only Lonely Planet, Sustrans and the AA. Our climbing titles have won numerous awards, inlcuding the Grand Prize at the Banff Mountain Book Festival (awarded to Jerry Moffatt's autobiography Revelations), and the prestigious Boardman Tasker Prize (awarded to Ron Fawcett's autobiography Rock Athlete). We are proud to hold the UK rights to the most recent three winners of the Boardman Tasker Prize. 

Our Promise

  • We have a highly creative team whose work has repeatedly won awards - we will create a solution that delivers the results your business requires.
  • Our team is skilled and experienced with today’s complex technology - you can relax, sit back, get on with running your business and let us figure out the “techy stuff”.
  • We work to agreed specifications - you know exactly what you’re getting.
  • We work to fixed costs - you know exactly what it will cost you.
  • We have a proven track record - we’re the low risk option.
  • Our success is your success - we remain laser focused on the reality that there is really only one reason we’re working for you - to deliver real value and bottom line results to your business.
  • We're so confident that you'll love our work we offer a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.

Our Guarantee

At our initial consultation you will state a set of commercial aims for your graphic design and website project. If at the end of the project these have not been achieved, we will review and repair our work until they have been, or we will give you your money back.

That's our guarantee for a first class result and we can't be fairer than that.


Don't just take our word for it, we get great feedback from our clients as well. Take a look at some of the complimentary things our clients have said about us. Read more...

Our Staff

We know our staff love working here - it shows on a daily basis in the work they produce. A relaxed yet motivated atmosphere breeds an environment of creativity, diligence and pride in the end product. 

We have given each of our staff their 30 seconds of fame so take five minutes to become better acquainted with the people who could be working on your next project. 

Jon Barton

Jon Barton

Jon ('The Boss') is the co-founder and public face of the company. A marketing and design professional with over 22 years' experience working for a range of companies from start-up enterprises to global corporations such as Adidas and the BBC.

He spent much of his 20s touring the world as a ‘professional’ (his words) climber, he is now settled down with a son and dog. His wife professes that after ten years he still seems resistant to training and doesn’t understand why he slips the lead and heads out to the hills at any opportunity, but at least he takes the dog with him.

Creative escape: writing and photography.

Teija Douglas

Teija Douglas

Teija Douglas (pronounced 'Taya') is our Finnish office manager – a great asset to Vertebrate Graphics, her skills and responsibilities seem to include... everything. With accounting and business management qualifications she expertly runs the finance and operations side of the business, and can even talk dialect Finn to any unwanted sales calls! Lured over here by her scrupulously honest husband on promises that the climate was so lovely in Sheffield, she is often seen out walking in the Peak District wrapped in three coats muttering incomprehensible Viking curses.

Creative escape: designing and producing jewellery.

John Coefield

John Coefield

John manages our publishing imprint Vertebrate Publishing and is responsible for developing VP into one of the leading publishers of climbing, cycling and hill walking books in the country. Under his guidance, our titles have picked up numerous awards – including the prestigious Boardman Tasker Prize – and have been shortlisted for more. John is a keen rock climber* (*boulderer) and mountain biker and is author of the award-winning Peak District Bouldering. He’s also our in-house photographer, shooting many of the stunning images you see in VP’s mountain biking guidebooks.

Creative escape: photography.

Jane Beagley

Jane Beagley

Jane has over 17 years' creative design and print experience. After qualifying in art, design and photography in her native South Africa, she honed her skills in several thriving design studios before moving to the UK almost ten years ago. As well as the distinctive twang she brings to the team’s cocktail of dialects, she is motivated, enthusiastic and has a fine attention to detail. Jane's varied roles include designing award-winning books for Vertebrate Publishing and creative design work for our clients. Jane is married with a young son and aspires to not kill the bees in her beehive this year.

Creative escape: beekeeping.

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